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STATRON Battery Charger/Rectifier BDTe Series 50 – 2000A

The BDTe is a heavy-duty, thyristor-controlled rectifier, specifically designed for the harshest operating environment in industrial applications, such as oil and gas, power generation, or distribution and transmission plants. The outstanding reliability of the BDTe is ensured by a combination of high-end technology and robust design.

STATRON Battery Charger/Rectifier BDS Series 5 – 80A

The BDS is a heavy-duty, single phase thyristor-controlled rectifier, specifically designed for the harshest operating environment in industrial application. The modular and flexible system concept together with a high number of options enables a fully customie solution that allows to meet a rugged and heavy industrial design.


The EverExceed uXcel® range industrial battery charger is the flagship charger of EverExceed Industrial Power solutions. It integrates proven design topology with the latest advanced digital control technology to control the thyristor bridge rectifier and provides the most reliable and trouble-free performance in any electrical and industrial environments.


EGZDW microcomputer controlled DC panel apply substation for different voltage levels , power plants, industrial and mining enterprises,electrified railways and high-rise buildings in the field. It can be used as operating power high voltage switch, relay protection, automatic device and control power . The system used latest integrated design, configuration with the monitoring module , rectifier module , insulation monitoring module , battery inspection module , switch monitoring module buck module , etc. With advanced technology, reasonable configuration , monitoring and control of intelligent ,it is easy to operate. It can Communicate with the host computer , and easily achieve remote control. It is ideal for unattended DC power supplies.

STATRON AC UPS S3000 5 to 200 KVA

Based on Statron’s leading A.T.I.S.® (Advanced Technology Industrial System) platform, the S3000 range is a true-industrial UPS system using the latest Power Factor Corrected (PFC) IGBT rectifier technology. It is specifically designed and developed for the harshest environmental conditions – meeting the most stringent requirements in high-end industrial applications. The technology offers front panel platform for fully monitored system and modern communication software.

ABB PowerLine DPA 20-120kVA

PowerLine DPA is modular three-phase and single-phase UPS System. An online double conversion UPS and makes the advantages of ABB’s unique modular UPS architecture available for locations that are usually rough on electronic equipment. PowerLine DPA is based on ABB’s Decentralized. Parallel Architecture (DPA) that ensures the very best UPS design in terms of availability, flexibility, cost and ease of use.

EVEREXCEED Power Champion Series 3.3 Ph : 10 – 400 kVA

EverExceed Power Champion Series is a configurable uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system range that offers true industrial modular architecture and maximized power performance. It combines conservative design (SCR) with battery management system and proven digital control to ensure the utmost reliability in any electrical and environmental conditions.


Empowering Data Center Infrastructure.

SmartAisle is a combination of the most advanced innovations in data center with the simplest self-assembled integrated design that is tailor-made to fit and perform in your white-spaces surpassing your expectations.

SmartRow Plus

Intelligent, Integrated Converged Infrastructure solution for Micro Data Center applications.

The SmartRow Plus solutions provide a cost-effective power, thermal management and infrastructure management, to help you achieve your IT objectives regardless of data center size and complexity.