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Empowering Data Center Infrastructure.

SmartAisle is a combination of the most advanced innovations in data center with the simplest self-assembled integrated design that is tailor-made to fit and perform in your white-spaces surpassing your expectations.

SmartRow Plus

Intelligent, Integrated Converged Infrastructure solution for Micro Data Center applications.

The SmartRow Plus solutions provide a cost-effective power, thermal management and infrastructure management, to help you achieve your IT objectives regardless of data center size and complexity.

SmartCabinet Midi Solution 24RU

Intelligent Rack Solution for Small Businesses & Edge Branches.

Support your business growth with an IT rack solution that can scale up to meet the demands of housing your security surveillance storage, transaction servers, content servers and networking devices.

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Smart Cabinet

Intelligent, Integrated Containment for IT Infrastructure.

Self-contained, pre-configured, pre-engineered and factory tested infrastructure solutions for data centers and telecom networks.​


Superior Rack Solution for Data Center & Network Closets.

The S-Series Rack is an innovative free-standing server and network rack solution — designed to seamlessly integrate cooling, power distribution, cable management, and environmental monitoring infrastructure into one containment. Engineered to provide superior rack solution capable of supporting multiple configurations ideally suited for high density data centres, network closets and other IT applications.

VE Rack

VE Rack is a space-saving, free-standing server rack solution capable of supporting multiple configurations. Designed to efficiently combine cooling, power distribution, cable management, and environmental monitoring infrastructure into one enclosure. Built to provide optimum versality while increasing efficiency suited for demanding IT environments.


Dynamic Environment Monitoring for Secure Data Center Infrastructure.

Manage critical equipment activity involving data center power and thermal management at multiple sites and site monitoring around the clock. Provides 24×7 data center infrastructure management and network monitoring software, hardware, systems and services to provide continuous oversight and security of data centers, computer rooms and network closets, as well as applications for different market verticals.


Intelligent Infrastructure Management Solution.

RDU501 is an intelligent infrastructure management solution that allows data center administrators to monitor environmental conditions and infrastructure appliances such as UPS, precision cooling units, generator sets, etc.