Category Room Cooling


High Performance Cooling for Small Technological Rooms.

High-performance cooling applications for small computer rooms and network closets. Available capacities include 7, 12, 22 and 27kW.


35 – 120kW
Unsurpassed Thermal Management \Solution with Premium Eiciency

PEX efficiently reduces operating costs with enhanced capacity fit into compact footprint. Combining the best accessories such as inverter compressor, EC fan, EEV & microchannel coil, PEX4 with superior technology allows modern data centers to enjoy abundant load variations with premium efficiency.

DSE Freecooling Economization

Free Cooling Economization Without Using Water

Reduce costs and increase economization hours with the highly efficient DSE Packaged Free-Cooling Solution. DSE is the world’s most widely deployed pumped refrigerant economization system for data centers, with over 8,500 installations.

PDX with Variable Speed Compressors

From 15 to 120 kW
Air Cooled Direct Expansion Solution for Data Centers

PDX direct expansion large room cooling unit is equipped with the most advanced industry cooling system technology, which allows the unit to provide thermal management efficiency for data centers and server rooms.